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Anesthesia and Medical Malpractice in New York

Anesthesia is an important part of surgery. And like every other surgical procedure, it has its own risks. There are three types of anesthesia: general, regional, and local. Of these, the general anesthesia is the one with the most serious aftereffects. General anesthesia is used in major surgeries where it is required to put the patient 'under' i.e. cause them to lose all consciousness and sensation. However, if not administered properly it can lead to many problems such as cardiac arrests and even death.

Administering anesthesia the correct way

General anesthesia is either administered via an injection, or with the help of a gas mask. Sometimes, both can be used together. Before the surgery, it is the anesthesiologist's job to research the patient's medical history including his present medical state. A history of heart problems or other diseases like diabetes and allergies can pose a problem during anesthesia and doctors have to factor in all these causes before they can calculate the correct dose for a patient. If the patient has had other surgeries before, the anesthesiologist needs to be made aware of these as well so that a review can be made of the surgical procedures before.

The anesthesia is usually preceded by a round of 'pre meds' which have the effect of making the patient drowsy and relaxed. This helps in the actual anesthetic drugs taking effect faster. During the surgery, an anesthesiologist is required to be at hand to constantly monitor the patient's pulse, breathing, and blood pressure. If necessary, the anesthesiologist may inject the patient with intravenous fluids as well.

The anesthesiologist job does not end with the end of the surgery. Once the surgeons have finished, the anesthesiologist needs to administer the correct meds so that the patient can be brought back to consciousness. Post-surgery, it is vital that the patient be looked after well and kept under observation until he is completely out of danger.

The faults in our medications

As you see, the entire process of administering anesthesia requires many medications and very dose has to be carefully measured and timed. A mistake can be fatal, even if the rest of the surgery goes well. Take the case of a New York man who went into surgery for hernia. It was a minor surgery and the surgeons in fact did everything correct.

The anesthesiologist on the other hand gave the patient a higher dose than required. After the surgery was over and the patient still had not regained consciousness, the anesthesiologist had to give him more medicines to reverse the effect of his previous dose. The over-sedated and groggy patient was kept in observation overnight but the hospital's idea of post-op care was to place him in a room without proper equipment like an EKG. The patient died as a result of the excess medication, and the lack of proper post-operative care from the hospital.

Anesthesia errors can occur due to many reasons and if you suspect any negligence, you should call up your medical malpractice lawyers now. Under the law in New York you may be eligible for compensation for your damages including past and future medical expenses, loss of income, disability, emotional pain and suffering, and more.

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