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Defining a Prep Session for a Deposition

There is a preparation session to get you ready for your pretrial session, which is a question and answer session called a deposition. You have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit for the injuries and losses you have suffered due to the negligence of a doctor or a hospital. Before the trial begins, there is the deposition, where you will be asked questions by the defense attorney. Your lawyer will want to prepare you before you actually face this session in actuality.

Why do you need to be prepared for a deposition?

What actually goes on during this prep session? Your attorney will sit down with you, before you are questioned by the defense attorney in the lawyer's office. He will go through with you the different questions that the defense attorney is most likely going to ask you. Your lawyer will do this, in order to familiarize you with the questions that are most likely to be asked.

The whole purpose of the deposition is designed to see what you remember. For instance, the questions during the deposition might include, what actually happened during the incident? What injuries did you suffer because of that incident? How have those injuries affected you since that time?

What Goes on During a Typical Prep Session?

Your attorney will explain to you what is going to happen at the deposition, and there is not going to be any trick questions. If the defense attorney asks you a question that you do not understand, then you should tell the attorney that the question is not clear to you, and he should ask it another way. If you need to take a break, which could be going to the bathroom or for asking your attorney some questions, then you are free to do so, and indicate your intentions to your attorney.

However, you cannot take a break, once the defense attorney has asked you a question. You need to answer that question first and then ask for a break. If you need to change or modify your answer, you can do that after taking the break and you have consulted with your lawyer. However, the defense lawyer will object to this kind of behavior, where you talk to your attorney and then modify your answer.

Refreshing Your Memory

Your lawyer will mainly discuss things with you in the preparation session in order to refresh your memory, and make it easy for you to answer the questions that are most likely to be asked. The defense attorney is also likely to ask you whether you have read any documents or done anything in preparation to answer the questions he is asking.

If you agree to have reviewed any documents, then the defense attorney has the right to ask, what you had reviewed, and you will have to show what was reviewed by you. This way, it gives him the opportunity to review those documents and ask further questions based on what you have reviewed.

Hence, in the prep session, your lawyer will explain to you in brief what takes place at the deposition and will review things with you about what happened, in order to refresh your memory. Your attorney has been through this before and may even know the attorneys on the other side. This is the time to listen to your lawyer since this is their profession and what they do for a living.

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