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Can You Sit with Your Lawyer during the Trial at the Counsel Table

You are contemplating filing a lawsuit for an accident or medical malpractice case, and you want to know that if your case goes all the way to trial, can you sit with your attorney at the counsel table during the trial?

You May not be Allowed to Sit at the Counsel Table

The answer is it depends. Most people think that they can sit at the counsel table, because that is what they see on TV and in movies. However, the reality is that it depends on which county your case is being heard. For instance, in Queen's County, in Nassau County, and in New York County, you will not be permitted to sit at your attorney's table during the course of your trial.

In some other counties and in some other courtrooms, you might be permitted, depending on whether the judge allows the injured victim to ahead and sit at the same table with their attorney.

Many people may not have recognized certain things, especially when they have never been to a courthouse and actually observed a trial. Courtrooms can be set up in different ways. The attorney's table can be closest to the jurors, or they could be closest to the judge. Whichever way the courtroom is set up, one table is assigned to the injured victim's attorney, known as the plaintiff's attorney, and the other table is for the defense lawyer or lawyers.

Set Up of Courtrooms

In courtrooms, where tables have been set up side by side, where the tables are closer to the jurors, in almost every instance, the plaintiff's attorney will sit closest to the jurors. In courtrooms, where you have, one table set up right in front of the other, and then you have the judge's bench ultimately in front-the plaintiff's attorney will be sitting closest to the judge's bench.

Victim would Want to Sit Next to His Lawyer

It is natural for a victim to wonder that if he files a personal injury lawsuit and if his case goes all the way to trial, will he be allowed to sit next to his attorney. An accident victim would normally be comfortable sitting next to his attorney during the trial because it will be easy for him to ask any questions he has, or clear doubts.

Many victims do not know much about court proceedings, and even though their lawyers will tell them what they can expect in court, they are more comfortable sitting next to their lawyers rather than anywhere else in the courtroom. Many victims are even under the impression that they have the right to sit next to their attorneys during trial. After all, this entire case would not be happening without them right?

However, in reality, it will depend in which county the case is being heard. Several counties in New York do not allow the victim to sit at the counsel table, next to his or her lawyer during the trial. In such instances, the victim will have to sit in the back of the courtroom or in the general seating area, and the attorneys will be the only ones allowed to sit at the counsel table.

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